What People Are Saying

  • Charlotte Observer article: "Need a stress break? Go camping" (Link to article)

  • Natural Awakenings article: "Guided Camping Adventures with Dana Mims" (Link to article)

  • "Dana has taken our family camping for the last 3 years and each trip is the highlight of our summer! She is a lot of fun and makes sure that all of our needs and wants are taken care of."

  • "I have attended the Wild Goose festival 4 times and have used Dana’s services each time. I can always trust that everything will be set up before I get there. She stays with the tents and acts as a host throughout the festival. I especially love the big campfire that she builds each night. It is a great way to get to know everyone….it’s like a community!”

  • "My husband and I went to the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival last spring and hauled all of our own gear. We spent hours setting up our equipment, etc. I met Dana and saw her “set up” with about 30 tents and talked with some of her customers. They were all very pleased with her service and the quality of her tents, air mattresses and chairs. They also commented on how nice it was that she camped with them ,stayed around the tents and built a big fire each night. We joined her one night and had a blast. Last fall we decided to use Dana’s services vs bringing our own stuff and it made the whole experience so much better and easier…She did all of the work and we just got to enjoy the festival. We will definitely use her services again, she made it so easy for us!"
    Helen and Greg

  • "Last summer Dana took my family and 3 other families up camping on the New River. It was beautiful and we all felt so taken care of. None of us had ever been camping before. She guided us on a tubing trip and was great with the kids. She is very knowledgeable about everything dealing with camping and the area. The food was delicious and there was so much of it! We plan on making this an annual outing! Thanks Dana!"
    Margaret and the whole gang

  • "I have a son with Aspergers and met Dana at an Aspergers Meet-Up where she came to share her experiences working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She talked about the benefits of camping for people with disabilities. She had worked with a young man for 10 years doing developmental therapy through camping. We decided to send our son with a group of other young adults with Aspergers camping with Dana’s Outdoor EDventures for the weekend. He had a wonderful time and learned a lot. She provided everything. He would love to go again!

  • "I attended a 'Practice Your Passion' Weekend hosted by Dana’s Outdoor Edventures. All 8 of the ladies attending did not know each other beforehand and most of us had never been camping. I had always wanted to get away and spend a whole weekend writing (my passion) without all of the distractions of…life. Everything was done for us, she waited on us “hand and foot”! Dana prepared all of our meals and snacks and did all of the cleaning. She had our own tents set up for us before we arrived and I slept amazing well on a great air mattress. She had coffee waiting for us each morning and a huge campfire for us all to enjoy each night. Some of the ladies painted, sketched, practiced yoga and meditation, read books they had been wanting to read but just couldn’t find the time. Dana encouraged us to interact as much or as little as we wanted. This was “my” weekend to do what I wanted to do. I loved the whole experience and made some good friends. I will definitely attend another “Practice Your Passion” Weekend this year. Who knows, I may just finish that novel!"
    Madeline M.