Festival Camping

So you want to go to a festival AND really enjoy the whole experience... You need to Camp!

I will have your Tent, Air Mattress, and Chair set up for you when you get there, along with a Golf Umbrella… (just in case) and break it down when you leave!

*I build a big Campfire each night for you to enjoy and anyone else that wants to join us!

I set up all of my tents in the same area and I camp with you to give you a home base and provide some security. I am able to make sure that your needs are taken care of throughout the festival.

I am here to serve YOU and make sure that your festival experience.
is Memorable
And you don't have to do the WORK or have the camping gear.

What more could you ask for?

*FREE- Big campfire each night, set-up, break-down and my undivided attention!

Small Tent (sleeps 1)
  • 3 plus nights $20/night
  • 2 nights $25/night
  • 1 night $30/night
Medium Tent (sleeps 1-2)
  • 3 plus nights $ 30/night
  • 2 nights $35/night
  • 1 night $40/night
Large Tent (sleeps 2-4)
  • 3 plus nights $ 40/night
  • 2 nights $45/night
  • 1 night $50/night
Extra Large Tent (sleeps up to 4)
  • 3 or more nights $75/night
  • 2 nights $125/night
  • 1 night $175night
Air Mattress
  • Tall Single (17 inches tall), holds up to 220lbs $15/night
  • Tall Queen (17 inches tall), holds up to 500lbs $20/night
  • Regular (holds up to 220lbs) $5/day
  • Heavy Duty (holds up to 300lbs) $10/day
Umbrellas $5/day
Coolers $7.50/day

  • Single (includes 1 pillow/case, 1 single sleeping bag) $ 7.50/night
  • Queen (includes 2 pillows/cases, 2 sleeping bags) $12.50/night

*$50 Deposit required on all rentals. Deposit will be refunded in cash when you check out with me at the end of the festival and equipment is not damaged or missing.

Give me the opportunity to make this festival memorable!